Monday, 26 April 2010

Case Study 1: Working Title Films

Task 1: Go to Working Title's homepage and choose one of their productions which are either on current release or coming soon. Investigate how many different ways the internet is being used to promote this film, i.e. trailers, featurettes, photos, games, special offers etc. Do any promotions rely on the convergence of digital technology? Do any promotions involve several different companies working in synergy (i.e. to support each other)?

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  1. i have found out something cool.:)
    On the working Titles website
    Nanny Mcphee has;
    Featurettes, a competition, a game and clips from the film all using digital technology.

  2. Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, has recently come out in the cinemas. On Working Titles website they aim to promote the film by using a game, which is initially for younger children (the audience the film is for.) You can also get updates to facebook and twitter which can be accessed from both mobile phones and the internet. These are a type of convergence. There are also two trailers you can access, the teaser trailer and the full trailer and you can also access clips from the films. There is also a competition you can enter, again there to promote the film to a young audience. There are several downloads you can get to add to your computer. You can also download an audiobook to listen to on your ipod, this is another use of convergence. Lastly there is synogy because the Daily Mail have recommended the film, this helps both companies as Nanny McPhee gets a good review and people will want to read the review in a national newspaper.

  3. Paul- being released in 2011 is advertised on the working title website through many photos, a trailer, information about the film.

    Nanny Mcphee And The Big Bang 2010
    Photos, competition to win a t shirt,
    game, trailer,advertised on twitter, facebook and many other social network sites. There is an audio book sample on the website which can be downloaded on to an ipod through convergence.
    Posters and printables can also be downloaded through the website.
    The international release dates and info about the cast are also on the website.

  4. Green Zone a film that is on release at the moment has set up a competition in which you can win a goody bag with a t-shirt, bag and much more. It shows a trailor of the film and also a featurette with Matt Damon speaking about the making of the film.Green Zone has its own official website that shows the trailor, synopsis and photos!!!! :)
    Companies have worked together with the competitions from this website, such as the making of the goody bag.

  5. Green Zone has a synopsis, trailer and photos.A promotion strategy which shall attract many people would be the five star ratings on the homepage. The photos are of the main character Matt Damon. The working title website shows there are competitions to win t shirts, watches, water bottles rac sacs that promote the film.


  6. Since I chose to have a closer look at how Green Zone is being promoted and as it seems Working Title decided to open a special website for the release of the Film, they released a trailer, organized some online contests which allow people to win Green Zone T-Shirts, Backpacks, Watches etc... Additionally they also released a photo gallery and some interviews with the main actors. A few weeks ago one could still find banners and pop-ups on the internet advertising for this website. I also found out that many websites wrote reviews for this film. While the film is no longer in cinemas now is is probably on DVD release and avalaible for download on websites such as Amazon or platforms such as iTunes. The soundtrack of the movie may possibly be released aswell and contribute to the film's promotion. The many Green Zone themed items are the result of the synergy between Working Title and several companies such as the one that makes the Green Zone T-Shirts. There is probably one or two cases of convergence aswell relating to Green Zone, the film is avalaible on iTunes which means that it can be downloaded and watched on a PC via iTunes or on a device such as an iPhone or iPod.


  7. I chose to look for information about Green Zone because that's the film I last saw on the cinemas. Working Title has different ways of promoting the film. They've decided to make a special website where they have put links for trailers and a campain that organise games to make the audience more interested in the film by giving them rewards (e.g T-shirts) for a correct answers. The website has also got some interviews with the actors, photo galery, reviews and comments for the film.


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